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I'm Jason Seykora. After more than a decade of being in the construction industry, I decided to pursue my own company and launched Seykora Remodeling, LLC in 2008.


I am strictly a remodeler and feels that by staying within this market, my expertise can shine and provide the best end result.


I have a keen sense of business and a personable approach which gives me the capability to resolve any situation that may arise during a project. My commitment to quality work allows you, as a customer, to enjoy the experience of your remodel with the comfort of knowing your contractor will take care of all of the details.


Seykora Remodeling maintains excellent relationships with their sub-contractors and realizes that without their help and dependability, many of the projects would not be finished to the high standard of quality that Seykora requires. While Seykora Remodeling focuses mainly on residential remodeling, this accomplished team will take on projects of any size, including new home construction.

Seykora is involved with the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire and is a member of the Activities and Showcase of Remodeled Homes Committees. Seykora Remodeling displays multiple projects on the Showcase of Remodeled Homes each fall.

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